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Welcome to one of the best Minecraft PE websites! There will be not so much articles or videos, but you can find any other kind of content. We created it with passion, so the opinion of our visitors is extremely important for us. If you have found broken mods for Minecraft PE, damaged files or invalid links on our portal – use comments to share it with us! By the way, our editor is pretty shy, so if you liked something a lot – share it with us too! We hope that you will enjoy all the stuff that you will find here. Now, let us take a brief journey across the place, where you can find anything you want absolutely for free!

The first place to see is section of addons for Minecraft PE on android. Here you can find mods, some of which have opposite task. For example, there is an add-on, which will increase your loot and will make your survival mode experience much easier, and there is another mod, that turn all world into hell, because every mob gains extra abilities and spells, increased hearts and damage. Everybody will remain satisfied, because we have the right entertainment for any kind of mood. We care about our visitors, so all files are checked and we can guarantee that there is no viruses or malware in your archives.

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Useless X-Ray Pack is not so useless, especially for Minecraft PE players, who need to find ores in randomly generated seeds or other kinds of maps.

946Texture for Minecraft PE

If you are true Minecraft PE fan, you should play Story Mode too, so you can name all the characters, which were provided by Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon!

1 334Addons for Minecraft PE

Every Star Wars fan should be satisfied with Lightsabers Addon for Minecraft PE, because it provides nine brand new weapons and two more interesting items!

952Addons for Minecraft PE

Have you ever played Team Fortress 2? It is great and funny shooter designed by Valve. Now you can experience one of its maps right in Minecraft PE! Just install the Upward Kit!

579PVP maps for MCPE

EckoSoldier’s Let’s Play World is the last updated version of popular creation made by Minecraft PE Youtuber. It is available for everybody since he shared it with community.

518Creation maps for MCPE

InFinitePvP Texture Pack was ported to Minecraft PE from Java edition, so it looks just fine and suits even low-end devices. Thus, you should download it right now!

718Texture for Minecraft PE

Have you ever wondered why some of killed mobs in Minecraft PE drop enchanted skin? When did they managed to enchant it? Pelt Addon improve the realism.

494Addons for Minecraft PE

Where did all the girls from Minecraft PE go? Really, there are too many male mobs and creatures, while there are almost no female ones! Girl Mobs Addon fixes this issue.

933Addons for Minecraft PE

Today this is hard to find the person, which had not tried to create own music yet, so, thanks to BeatCrafter you will be able to compose melodies within Minecraft PE.

532Redstone Maps for MCPE

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Re-Creation is location from popular horror indie-game for PC, which was ported to Minecraft PE world. There are a lot of ways of using it.

1 463Creation maps for MCPE

Defscape Texture Pack is one more mode that was ported from original game to Minecraft PE, but it suits both platforms great, so you should download it right now!

874Texture for Minecraft PE

What would happen to the entire Minecraft PE world, if the Endermen curse every living creature? Ender Sickness Addon is direct and extraordinary answer for this question.

848Addons for Minecraft PE
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