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Welcome to one of the best Minecraft PE websites! There will be not so much articles or videos, but you can find any other kind of content. We created it with passion, so the opinion of our visitors is extremely important for us. If you have found broken mods for Minecraft PE, damaged files or invalid links on our portal – use comments to share it with us! By the way, our editor is pretty shy, so if you liked something a lot – share it with us too! We hope that you will enjoy all the stuff that you will find here. Now, let us take a brief journey across the place, where you can find anything you want absolutely for free!

The first place to see is section of addons for Minecraft PE on android. Here you can find mods, some of which have opposite task. For example, there is an add-on, which will increase your loot and will make your survival mode experience much easier, and there is another mod, that turn all world into hell, because every mob gains extra abilities and spells, increased hearts and damage. Everybody will remain satisfied, because we have the right entertainment for any kind of mood. We care about our visitors, so all files are checked and we can guarantee that there is no viruses or malware in your archives.

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SG Dreaming Part 2 is a sequel of pretty interesting Minecraft PE horror map. It is much bigger than the first part, and even more scaring, so beware!

320Adventure maps for MCPE

ParkourLine is challenging Minecraft PE parkour mini-game that could be logically divided into two stages: before obtaining the special tool and after it.

253Mini-Game maps for MCPE / Parkour Maps for MCPE

1000 Jump 3 is Minecraft PE parkour map, where your skill and the strategy affect the success simultaneously. There are some boosters, so you should better try them out on you own!

285Parkour Maps for MCPE

Does all this noise, which comes from your Minecraft PE, farm annoy you? Would you like to turn all the animals off? No Farm Animal Sounds Pack makes it possible!

197Texture for Minecraft PE

Save the time that you spend on entering the command in Minecraft PE thanks to SimpleCommandsButtons Mod, which is available for Android version only.

248Mods for Minecraft PE

The Towers is unique Minecraft PE PVP-map. It combines the building actions with need to kill the member of another team. Everyone must play it at least once!

203PVP maps for MCPE

SG Dreaming Part 1 is horror adventure for Minecraft PE. It is pretty short, but we are sure that you will play it through several times, because it is exciting!

248Adventure maps for MCPE

SG Spleef is the cruelest Minecraft PE mini-game we have ever come across. You main goal is destroying the blocks right under other participants.

209Mini-Game maps for MCPE

The Space Addon changes the way that End Portal works. On the other hand, every Minecraft PE player gets an ability to visit the Moon. It should be worth it!

612Addons for Minecraft PE

After installing of The Vampires Addon, army of undead creatures in Minecraft PE will be completed. Keep in mind that new mobs are extremely powerful!

441Addons for Minecraft PE

Extreme Wool Race Game does not include even single vehicle, but still, it is great and funny map for Minecraft PE players, who would like to compete with friends.

254Mini-Game maps for MCPE

SG CTF (Capture The Flag) is the next level of the Minecraft PE multiplayer games. Divide into two teams, pick the strategy and become the winners!

287Mini-Game maps for MCPE / PVP maps for MCPE
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