Minecraft PE Village seeds 2018 (MCPE) download for free

Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village is Minecraft PE seed, which contains enormous amount of places to explore, so be ready to spend several hour discovering them all!

6 272Village seeds for mcpe

We had posted this kind of Minecraft PE seeds long time ago, but now we are happy to introduce you Desert Temple At Spawn. Do not waste your time – try it out right now!

4 921Village seeds for mcpe

New episodes of GoT are extremely near, so you may want to know, how do people live near the Wall. Fortunately, this Minecraft PE seed demonstrate cute village among ice spikes.

4 007Village seeds for mcpe

The border between Minecraft PE biomasses does not surprise anyone. But what about three villages and the temple that are in one-minute availability from spawn?

3 852Village seeds for mcpe

What is the last thing that you expect to find in the savannah? Of course, your answer may be “Diamond Horse Armor”, and you will be wrong. But not in this seed, son, not in this seed.

2 699Village seeds for mcpe

We have recently noticed that snow landscape in the Minecraft PE became rather popular thanks to Game of Thrones. So there is the one of the best seeds with this terrain.

4 506Village seeds for mcpe

This seed suits the survival adventures the best. It is pretty hard to randomly generate so fitting swamp biome in Minecraft PE. But somebody has done it and shared with all of us!

3 623Village seeds for mcpe

Underwater temples with ancient treasures and the lonely island village. Haven’t you mentioned the perfect seed for Minecraft PE survival mode?

3 273Village seeds for mcpe

Plains are very popular in Minecraft PE because they give an opportunity to build almost anything. Here is the flattest swap you have ever seen.

3 302Village seeds for mcpe

UFO, igloo and villagers. Kind of a strange situation for Minecraft PE? We are sure that this seed has a potential to wonder you. Just try it out!

2 568Village seeds for mcpe

Experienced players could really enjoy the seeds that were created with passion. There is one of them for Minecraft PE, and it will make you to see the real beauty!

4 055Village seeds for mcpe