Minecraft PE Seeds 2018

On your planet, there are a lot places to see. Some of them are extremely rare, and some of them absolutely unique. In this case, you have two options: to buy a ticket for a plane and see it all with your own eyes, or just download some pictures or movies from this place. Nevertheless, in the game worlds everything much easier. Seeds for Minecraft PE will help you to visit any place you want, and it will be in distance of loading screen. Pretty cool, huh? However, not every seed deserves your attention. It has to contain something interesting, or geeky, or unlikely to happen. For example, beta-tester on android found new type of building that spawns randomly. I am sure that every true fan of MCPE would like to check it out.

Seeds MCPE for free

Minecraft PE seeds differ from creations slightly. At first, seed made by the random combination of biomes, creations were designed artificially. At second, it is pretty hard to find interesting seed for free time, while creators work on their world almost every day. Please, do not forget about glitches. It is almost impossible to find cool seed that will have no bugs at all. However, some geeks consider that glitched villages or mansions are very funny, so they try to share it with community. Moreover, we cannot lie: some of them deserve your time, so they could be downloaded from our portal for free.

This seed suits the survival adventures the best. It is pretty hard to randomly generate so fitting swamp biome in Minecraft PE. But somebody has done it and shared with all of us!

3 099Village seeds for mcpe

Underwater temples with ancient treasures and the lonely island village. Haven’t you mentioned the perfect seed for Minecraft PE survival mode?

2 444Village seeds for mcpe

Perfect seed that shows one of the most montane landscapes in Minecraft PE.

2 654Jungle seeds for mcpe

The default seed for Minecraft PE is just be like: you have spawned, to get to the subject you need to walk for about 100 blocks. We found the exception. Just try it out!

1 982Jungle seeds for mcpe

Plains are very popular in Minecraft PE because they give an opportunity to build almost anything. Here is the flattest swap you have ever seen.

2 656Village seeds for mcpe

Seed that can bring you in the unbelievable place. We meant the Forest of Tall Birch Trees, of course.

1 603Seeds for Minecraft PE

A perfect seed for newbies and fans of discovering. There is blacksmith, two villages and a lot of food, so you can stay in this world for weeks.

2 000Seeds for Minecraft PE

Just great seed for players who want to take part in some kind of medieval adventure, which includes castles, dungeons and, of course, mystic enemies.

2 591Seeds for Minecraft PE

UFO, igloo and villagers. Kind of a strange situation for Minecraft PE? We are sure that this seed has a potential to wonder you. Just try it out!

1 991Village seeds for mcpe

Hidden Jungle Temple for Minecraft PE is similar to the temples in adventure movies. It placed in the trees and makes you to solve some puzzles to get the treasure.

1 933Jungle seeds for mcpe

Breaking news: scientists found the tallest mushroom in the Minecraft PE! The seed includes replay of this outstanding event!

1 259Jungle seeds for mcpe

Experienced players could really enjoy the seeds that were created with passion. There is one of them for Minecraft PE, and it will make you to see the real beauty!

3 194Village seeds for mcpe
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