Minecraft PE Jungle seeds 2018 (MCPE) download for free

We know that Minecraft PE players are fond of unusual seeds, so today we want to introduce you two jungle temples, which have spawned nearby.

3 365Jungle seeds for mcpe

Perfect seed that shows one of the most montane landscapes in Minecraft PE.

2 336Jungle seeds for mcpe

The default seed for Minecraft PE is just be like: you have spawned, to get to the subject you need to walk for about 100 blocks. We found the exception. Just try it out!

1 790Jungle seeds for mcpe

Hidden Jungle Temple for Minecraft PE is similar to the temples in adventure movies. It placed in the trees and makes you to solve some puzzles to get the treasure.

1 715Jungle seeds for mcpe

Breaking news: scientists found the tallest mushroom in the Minecraft PE! The seed includes replay of this outstanding event!

1 137Jungle seeds for mcpe