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Many players argue about the definition of Minecraft PE mods. Somebody tells that we should count all the products of community as mods. Other part answers that professional developers create some mods, so they should be separated in several other categories. As for us – mods are something that could not be described in one single sentence. It make the game that we love so much more unpredictable and interesting for players all over the world. Moreover, it is great that everybody can get it absolutely for free. Still we can divide all the mods in three categories: transport, gameplay and borrowed. Let us explain our decision.

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The first category of mods in Minecraft PE is transport. As far as you may know, the developers are not fond of creating new vehicles, so players and modders should do it on their own. By the way, there are cases when devices may seem too imbalance for you. For example, if you would like to replace horse by electric horse, because you will get powerful boost of movement speed and an ability to fly wherever you want. Nevertheless, we need you to pay attention to the sport cars mods. New cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari has extremely detailed models, so everyone need to ride them at least once. There are also several fails like water bike mode, where bike does not swim, instead it flies over the water.

Do you find it hard to provide your server or realm in Minecraft PE with the spirit of upcoming holidays? Easter Addon was designed to help you make it!

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Explosions is the best way to destroy something huge in Minecraft PE. Thus, Anti-Griefing (No Explosives) Addon is aimed to eliminate any explosions from multiplayer locations.

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Ace’s Custom Names Addon allows you to change name of any Minecraft PE player just in few clicks! This feature is crucial for role-playing games!

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In case, if the roller coaster is you favorite way to get thrills, Attraction Minecart Addon may become your favorite way to have fun in Minecraft PE! It has a lot of features!

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If you consider that amount of swords Minecraft PE is pretty far from enough, you should install Weapons Case Loot Mod that changes the situation dramatically.

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Do you think that you have already defeated every Minecraft PE boss? The answer might be positive only in one single case – you had installed Lava Monster Boss Addon.

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Minecraft PE players are able to protect themselves, but what about other NPCs? Protect The Villagers Addon will ensure you that all inhabitants of your village are safe!

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Have you ever noticed that Minecraft PE does not include true “hardcore” difficulty? Fortunately, you may install T+S Hardcore Addon to solve this issue!

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Deep Sea Addon is some kind of gift for every Minecraft PE player, who can’t wait for the release of Aquatic Update and want to explore depth right now!

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Would you like to make Minecraft PE experience a little bit harder and much more creepy? If the answer was “Yes”, Fractured World Addon is the perfect option for you.

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We are sure the most of Minecraft PE players are fond of blowing things up! Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon lets all of you to make explosions not only fun, but useful too!

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Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod gives you an opportunity to increase the functionality of Minecraft PE in several taps! You can ensure that on your own!

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