Minecraft PE Mods 2018

Many players argue about the definition of Minecraft PE mods. Somebody tells that we should count all the products of community as mods. Other part answers that professional developers create some mods, so they should be separated in several other categories. As for us – mods are something that could not be described in one single sentence. It make the game that we love so much more unpredictable and interesting for players all over the world. Moreover, it is great that everybody can get it absolutely for free. Still we can divide all the mods in three categories: transport, gameplay and borrowed. Let us explain our decision.

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The first category of mods in Minecraft PE is transport. As far as you may know, the developers are not fond of creating new vehicles, so players and modders should do it on their own. By the way, there are cases when devices may seem too imbalance for you. For example, if you would like to replace horse by electric horse, because you will get powerful boost of movement speed and an ability to fly wherever you want. Nevertheless, we need you to pay attention to the sport cars mods. New cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari has extremely detailed models, so everyone need to ride them at least once. There are also several fails like water bike mode, where bike does not swim, instead it flies over the water.

Mega Mech Add-on gives every Minecraft PE player an opportunity to feel exactly what owners of giant robots will experience in nearest future. At least, we hope so.

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Water Bike Addon will suit every Minecraft PE player, because it provides the fastest and the safest way to cover long distances by water. Try it out in survival mode!

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Get ready to be killed with cuteness by the Mini Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE. It turns all the mobs into tiny creatures that could not harm you even if they would like to!

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Fans of Five Nights at Freddy may be happy, their favorite characters are available in Minecraft PE now! Finally, the boring villagers are replaced by something fun!

3 460Addons for Minecraft PE

One of the biggest add-ons for Minecraft PE is out now! Every mob is now stronger, so get ready to much more competitive gaming experience!

6 611Addons for Minecraft PE

Were you looking for mod that will turn Minecraft PE into modern first-person shooter? DesnoGuns is the one! 40 new guns, grenades and rifles! It is all you need for warfare!

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Three new water vehicles are provided by one single Marine Addon for Minecraft PE. Try them all and choose one that will suit the way you discover the world the best!

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Birds Addon might sound a bit too loud, because now only one new bird is provided by it into Minecraft PE world. We are sure that there are some more to follow!

1 708Addons for Minecraft PE

The life of undead mobs in Minecraft PE is tough, but one modder decided to make it even worse. Sunburn Add-on will force 4 vanilla mobs to suffer from sun much more!

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All Mobs Rideable Addon is here to give you an opportunity to ride every NPC or mob in Minecraft PE world, except for pigs. We hope that pigs will become ridable soon!

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Enchanted Addon is the best solution for Minecraft PE players who want to turn their gaming experience into constant pain and suffering in greatly detailed world.

1 817Addons for Minecraft PE

While Minecraft PE developers keep on adding new features, modders do their best to improve existing ones. Odd Mobs Addon is one of their greatest projects.

1 160Addons for Minecraft PE
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