Minecraft PE Addons 2018

Addons for Minecraft PE seem for us to be very unstable piece of game art. Some of them may disappoint you to death, but some can impress you so much, that you will become able to believe in heaven. Still, free addons for android may be infected by malware of viruses, but we can ensure you that all materials on your website are 100% free of any digital disaster. Therefore, if you would like to support the creator of certain add-on, you should sign on his twitter or YouTube channel. Some of them even accept donations, but beware of scammers! We are going to introduce you three Minecraft PE addons on android that will change your view on this kind of modern art.

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First off, we want to tell you about the MCPE addons that increase game difficulty. Moreover, we are not talking about the increasing the existing mob powers and stats, we are talking about full range remastering. The great example of this type is Ender Boss Add-on. It replaces almost harmless endermans by extremely dangerous enemies, which are hostile to the players. We must warn you that gaming experience will become much harder even in creative mode, while survival mode will turn into pure hell. In addition, it is only one of wide range of addons with such setting, so you may find more on our portal.

Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon turns regular Minecraft PE mobs into creations that you may recognize from TV-series. Their behavior was changed slightly too!

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This tower defense was released several time so it is almost impossible to miss it for Minecraft PE player. Plant VS Zombie Addon is here to bring some franchise characters!

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No matter what version of Minecraft PE you prefer to play, because coordinates is one of the most important parts of the gameplay, thus Coords Unlocker Addon is a good option.

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It was easy to build and ancient castle in Minecraft PE, but creating of modern house was much harder. Modern Decorations Addon is some kind of balancer.

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Angry Animals Add-on shows what will happen in Minecraft PE world, if all animals will be cursed at once. But chicken cannot kill you or can it?

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Ender Pearl is pretty powerful Minecraft PE item, which helps you to cover long distances with ease, but Super Ender Pearl Addon is here to make it stronger!

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Can you believe that everything in Minecraft PE can be used as building material? More Fences Addon has a single purpose: make the gaming process much funnier!

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RoboCraft Addon provides you with the most powerful weapon that you can have in Minecraft PE. Just imagine: it can kill two Wither bosses in a single battle!

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There is no need in replacing of vanilla Minecraft PE blocks, because More Blocks Addon consists of standalone features that could be used for decorating and trading.

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3D Move Ball Addon provides new vehicle, which could not meet any obstacles in Minecraft PE. You know, it is even better than travelling in creative mode!

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Are you sure that horses are not able to teleport? In Minecraft PE everything is possible! Try the new kind of mounts provided by Ender Horse Add-on!

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Are you ready to feel the Moon gravity in Minecraft PE? Reduce Player Gravity Addon damages the realism, but makes the gaming experience much funnier.

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