Minecraft PE Parkour Maps 2018 (MCPE) download for free

Have your missed good old Minecraft PE parkour? The map called 202 Jumps will be the harsh ride even for experienced players, so newbies should be extremely careful!

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ParkourLine is challenging Minecraft PE parkour mini-game that could be logically divided into two stages: before obtaining the special tool and after it.

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1000 Jump 3 is Minecraft PE parkour map, where your skill and the strategy affect the success simultaneously. There are some boosters, so you should better try them out on you own!

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How about a little cup of rage during the Minecraft PE parkour map playthrough? Defeat The Concrete PE offers you 16 different levels, so now you have plans for evening.

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MC Parkour SkyGames is one of the most detailed Minecraft PE parkour maps. You should plan you way to the finish line, because there are many blocks with debuff.

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Rooms: E.Y.E. Is Watching is challenging parkour adventure for Minecraft PE. In addition, it has elaborated boost system, which plays important role and decreases difficulty.

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You are experiment participant and your only option to survive is to complete all challenges. Rooms 2: E.Y.E. Is WaiTing has a storyline, which is rare for Minecraft PE maps.

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The worst nightmare before Christmas is stolen Santa. Can you free him and save the day? In Christmas Chaos: Santa’s Hat, which is map for Minecraft PE, you can test it!

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Meet the largest Minecraft PE parkour map, which could entertain you for hours. Parkour Spiral is something special and the secret is extraordinary architecture.

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Here comes good old Minecraft PE parkour! Usually your only enemy is burning lava, but time is also running out. Super Lava Run is restricted for newbies.

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