Minecraft PE Maps 2018

Maps for Minecraft PE are the same as mini-games. At least, this statement is true in most cases. Anyway, we have not came across a single map that was a simple showcase or bank of ideas for last two weeks. Therefore, this section is created for people who are looking for pure fun. Here you can download almost any kind of entertainment: parkour, PVP, puzzles. It looks like a library of the best games and some of them even have its unique plot, so you can be sure that next 20-30 minutes after the download will free you mind from all offline issues. Let us simplify your choosing process and tell you some interesting facts about three most popular kinds of MCPE maps.

Maps MCPE for free download

If you want to have a lot of fun with your friends, you should pay attention to the PVP maps for Minecraft PE. Most of them require only two players, so you can even deal with any kind of parlays with their help. We will share with you two maps on android that we consider as the best ones. The first one is about the era of Gold Rush, when most of issues could be solved with the help of the gun. Here you can prove that you are fastest gun of your server. The second one is Egg Wars. We do not want to tell you a thing about the plot, because we are not going to spoil you even a thing, so just download it on you device for free and try it out you own. Please, share your experience in comments, we read them pretty often!

Here comes good old Minecraft PE parkour! Usually your only enemy is burning lava, but time is also running out. Super Lava Run is restricted for newbies.

2 265Mini-Game maps for MCPE / Parkour Maps for MCPE

We had spent a lot of time to find a proper Minecraft PE dropper, so we are happy to introduce you the Super Mega Dropper, which is crazy mini-game!

3 032Mini-Game maps for MCPE

If you would like to understand how new feature called “banner” works in Minecraft PE, you should install 11 Banner Tutorials and try it out!

1 605Creation maps for MCPE

Are you ready to go behind the scene of popular Minecraft PE YouTube-show? BluJay’s Creative Testing World gives you such an opportunity.

1 367Creation maps for MCPE

Even if you are an adult, you may be a fan of Square Pants. There is nothing to be ashamed for! Call all you friends to play good old hide and seek on SpongeBob The Movie map.

1 780Mini-Game maps for MCPE

It seems that every second Minecraft PE adventure is a horror story, but you should not get annoyed, because InBegIn 2: Teaser is definitely worth your attention.

1 179Adventure maps for MCPE

Banners in Minecraft PE have almost endless customizing potential, because you can design it according to your own wishes. 50 Banner Crafting Ideas is here to help you!

1 625Creation maps for MCPE

Are you ready to survive in the sky? Breaking Shards Skyblock give you a chance to prove it. Technically, eleven chances, because there are 11 Minecraft PE islands!

2 834Survival Maps for MCPE

Even time spent in custody could be funny, but only in Minecraft PE. PRISON 3.0 is an ultimate creation, which seems to be detailed and almost universal. Try it out now!

2 820Creation maps for MCPE

If you are inspired only by the End dimension and shulkers, you should create something pretty similar to the ShulkerWars, which is Minecraft PE PVP-map.

1 136PVP maps for MCPE

DeathRun: Wild West has not been completed yet, but its creator decided to share it with Minecraft PE community and most of players were excited by this mini-game.

1 711Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Custom terrains in Minecraft PE are turning into some kind of seeds without bugs. However, Massive Custom Biomes will suit the survival mode so great and we could not pass it by.

2 782Maps for Minecraft PE
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