Minecraft PE Maps 2018

Maps for Minecraft PE are the same as mini-games. At least, this statement is true in most cases. Anyway, we have not came across a single map that was a simple showcase or bank of ideas for last two weeks. Therefore, this section is created for people who are looking for pure fun. Here you can download almost any kind of entertainment: parkour, PVP, puzzles. It looks like a library of the best games and some of them even have its unique plot, so you can be sure that next 20-30 minutes after the download will free you mind from all offline issues. Let us simplify your choosing process and tell you some interesting facts about three most popular kinds of MCPE maps.

Maps MCPE for free download

If you want to have a lot of fun with your friends, you should pay attention to the PVP maps for Minecraft PE. Most of them require only two players, so you can even deal with any kind of parlays with their help. We will share with you two maps on android that we consider as the best ones. The first one is about the era of Gold Rush, when most of issues could be solved with the help of the gun. Here you can prove that you are fastest gun of your server. The second one is Egg Wars. We do not want to tell you a thing about the plot, because we are not going to spoil you even a thing, so just download it on you device for free and try it out you own. Please, share your experience in comments, we read them pretty often!

DeathRun: Reborn is an updated version of exciting mini-game. The update was required for the Minecraft PE Better Together release, because some features need to be remastered.

2 412Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Strange Dreams is one more horror adventure for Minecraft PE. If Groundhog Day is about love and meaning things, this map is going to drive you crazy.

1 988Adventure maps for MCPE

Minecraft PE players was able to visit Moon and Ares-I – Mission to Mars is the adventure that allows you to travel to the Red Planet and discover a lot of interesting facts.

3 296Adventure maps for MCPE

SG Block-Party is another amazing Minecraft PE mini-game, which is created by SkyGamers developing team. It is great for several players, so call your friends and start!

1 502Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Texture Pack Review Map was designed for Minecraft PE player that want to install new textures, but does not want to watch the video on YouTube.

2 082Creation maps for MCPE

Murder Run is Minecraft PE mini-game, where one player should kill the others, while the others should do their best to stay alive as long as possible.

1 586Mini-Game maps for MCPE

SG Dreaming Part 2 is a sequel of pretty interesting Minecraft PE horror map. It is much bigger than the first part, and even more scaring, so beware!

1 868Adventure maps for MCPE

ParkourLine is challenging Minecraft PE parkour mini-game that could be logically divided into two stages: before obtaining the special tool and after it.

2 036Mini-Game maps for MCPE / Parkour Maps for MCPE

1000 Jump 3 is Minecraft PE parkour map, where your skill and the strategy affect the success simultaneously. There are some boosters, so you should better try them out on you own!

3 409Parkour Maps for MCPE

The Towers is unique Minecraft PE PVP-map. It combines the building actions with need to kill the member of another team. Everyone must play it at least once!

1 609PVP maps for MCPE

SG Dreaming Part 1 is horror adventure for Minecraft PE. It is pretty short, but we are sure that you will play it through several times, because it is exciting!

2 283Adventure maps for MCPE

SG Spleef is the cruelest Minecraft PE mini-game we have ever come across. You main goal is destroying the blocks right under other participants.

1 187Mini-Game maps for MCPE
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