Minecraft PE Mini-games Maps 2018 (MCPE) download for free

We had spent a lot of time to find a proper Minecraft PE dropper, so we are happy to introduce you the Super Mega Dropper, which is crazy mini-game!

3 880Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Even if you are an adult, you may be a fan of Square Pants. There is nothing to be ashamed for! Call all you friends to play good old hide and seek on SpongeBob The Movie map.

2 342Mini-Game maps for MCPE

DeathRun: Wild West has not been completed yet, but its creator decided to share it with Minecraft PE community and most of players were excited by this mini-game.

2 133Mini-Game maps for MCPE

One Night At Frankie’s Multiplayer Edition gives Minecraft PE players and opportunity to try the new kind of gaming experience in the familiar setting.

1 840Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Find The Items: Generated Structures Edition is the upgraded version of find the button, which is popular mini-game for Minecraft PE. Anyway, it is much more difficult!

1 864Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Space Survival is some kind of test for every Minecraft PE player. Are you good enough in mining and exploring? Are you the most creative builder? Prove it in open space!

2 736Mini-Game maps for MCPE / Survival Maps for MCPE

One Night At Frankies is the mini-game that looks just like someone decided to port single episode from Five Nights at Freddie’s to Minecraft PE. Have fun!

1 949Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Aliens vs Predator – it is one of the most outstanding competitions across all the sci-fi horror movies and now all the Minecraft PE players are able to become a part of it!

2 525Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Finally, one of the best sport mini-games for Minecraft PE, called “Ice Hockey” was released! Do not waste your time, call you friend and start the clutch!

2 494Mini-Game maps for MCPE

The Floor is Lava. It was just a simple game in the real life. It was a meme, that you can come across almost everywhere. And now, it is a mini-game for Minecraft PE.

3 059Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Racing Kit (Demo Track) is first Minecraft PE mini-game that provides detailed map, that look like the Formula 1 track that you can see on TV. Are you ready for this level or racing?

2 160Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Minigolf Course 1.0 is going to teach you how to play golf in Minecraft PE. And all the players, that consider that the process is similar to the real life are completely wrong!

1 894Mini-Game maps for MCPE
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