Minecraft PE Mini-games Maps 2018 (MCPE) download for free

Snowball War is a mini-game for Minecraft PE, where tactics matter more than anything else does. You are the single defender of base, but enemies keep on spawning!

1 484Mini-Game maps for MCPE

TNT Run is Minecraft PE mini-game, where your reaction is much more important than any other skill. Try it on your own, get experience and then invite your friend to compete you.

2 492Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Spanish-speaking person created the Block Party 1.0, but its interface is understandable by Minecraft PE players all over the world, because it is exciting!

1 515Mini-Game maps for MCPE

There is a lot of horror adventures in Minecraft PE, but The Cube Escape is the first interactive thriller. Your main goal is to show your best performance at every task.

2 399Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Would you like to get some extra thrills from Minecraft PE? Jungle Temple Escape! is the mini-game, which gives you such an opportunity.

1 410Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Worldwide famous Ping Pong finally got its own Minecraft PE version. Honestly, we were surprised, because it is even funnier than in the real life. Try it out!

2 028Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Basketball by SkyGames is the best sport mini-game for Minecraft PE. It is must-play for every basketball fan, so do not waste your time – download it right now!

1 728Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Are you ready to beat the greatest evil that is going to destroy entire Minecraft PE world? Entity_303 Boss Battle is the map, where you can defeat this creature once and for all.

2 199Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Is boat racing in Minecraft PE fast enough for you? If the answer is No, we are happy to introduce you mini-game called The Boat Race, where track is made of ice.

1 628Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Find The Button: Houses Edition is another part of the popular game series, were Minecraft PE players need to find item, which could bring them to the next level.

2 876Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Treasure Hunt (Pyramid) is the most exiting Minecraft PE multiplayer mini-game, which we have come across in last several month. You can even kill your opponents!

1 990Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Here comes good old Minecraft PE parkour! Usually your only enemy is burning lava, but time is also running out. Super Lava Run is restricted for newbies.

3 115Mini-Game maps for MCPE / Parkour Maps for MCPE
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