Minecraft PE Mini-games Maps 2018 (MCPE) download for free

Mysterious Slander is chasing you, while you are trying to pick the pieces of your past together. If you liked the plot, you should download Slender: Minecraft Edition and install it on your Minecraft PE!

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SG Fan Realm World is copy of official Minecraft PE realm, which was provided by one of the best developing teams, called SkyGames. Have fun and call you friends!

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Have you missed the Carnival in your city? Thanks to SG Carnival, you definitely won’t miss the Minecraft PE Carnival! Bring our friends, it is much funnier together!

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SG Zombies (PVE) is the Minecraft PE mini-game, where you and your friends should shoot tons of zombies to get better armor and finally escape the arena. It’s pure fun!

4 138Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Here's a great map that will fit for the coming feast of Christmas. It has 10 different mini-games and they are all in snowy cold village in winter.

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Even if you have a special schedule for every single day, now you have to find some time to launch Minecraft PE and play the SG Elytra Party. The game is completely worth it!

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Pacman The Minecraft Version reminded us of great days, when gaming stations was everywhere. It provides Minecraft PE players with ultimate dose of nostalgia!

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SG Tetris Dodge is some kind of extremely popular game, called Tetris, but it was changed a little to suit Minecraft PE gameplay conditions better. You have to try it!

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If you will add some TNT to casual tagger game in Minecraft PE, you will get the SG TNT Tag, which is amazing mini-game, created by famous modder team!

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SG Flying Zombies is funny Minecraft PE mini-game, where you should test your parkour skills and complete the track in time. Otherwise, giant zombie head will eat you!

2 440Mini-Game maps for MCPE

Natural Disasters Survival is Minecraft PE map, where you should withstand the power of nature and remain the last player standing. It is much more funnier with friends.

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Everyone, who likes Minecraft PE mini-games, had heard about the SkyGamers, so we are glad to introduce you their latest creation called SG Minigame Festival!

2 773Mini-Game maps for MCPE
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