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Worldedit PE (Android) Minecraft PE

Worldedit PE (Android) Minecraft PE

We are sure that you have a mind to build an architecture masterpiece in Minecraft PE, but afraid of wasting much time. Thanks to this tool, it will take a minute to build a pyramid!

Have you ever wondered how do people can build so magnificent creations in such a short amount of time? We want to share a little secret with you: most of them use Worldedit PE for Minecraft PE. The creator considers this tool as add-on, but no matter the name, it is one of the most useful thing that we have ever come across. By the way, this tool is available only for Android users and requires BlockLauncher to be installed on your device.

The full list of feature could be find in the in-game manual, but we want to describe the most outstanding of them. For example, you can to build some of default building (such as the pyramids) in few command lines. There is also a wand option and an ability to move any object to another place. We could talk about it for hours, but it would be better if you will try it out by your own.

Important: This mod requires BlockLauncher!

Download .zip and unpack

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