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Veteran Supreme Addon Minecraft PE

Veteran Supreme Addon Minecraft PE

The most of Minecraft PE players have been experiencing the game for about 10 years, so it is hard to surprise them, but Veteran Supreme Addon deals with this task easily!

Creator: Cipheroid

There are many Minecraft PE players, who play the game straight from the beta testing, so they have discoverered every block and ordinary survival process does not give them thrills. Fortunately, they may just download Veteran Supreme Addon to understand that all the skills they have may be not even enough for several minutes of survival!

As you might guess, mobs are become much powerful and most of them obtained major boost (such as new abilities). It is the reason why we cannot recommend this add-on to players without experience, because survival never was so hard. Try it on your own and remember – underestimation of your opponents may cost you life!

  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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