» » Untenable (Illogical) [Puzzle] Map Minecraft PE

Untenable (Illogical) [Puzzle] Map Minecraft PE

Untenable (Illogical) [Puzzle] Map Minecraft PE

You consider yourself as Minecraft PE player with tough nerves? Well, Untenable (Illogical) is here to check this statement! Get ready for the fresh cup of rage.

Creator: BluFlyaway

We have warned you several times and you still here. Now you should download Untenable (Illogical) and install it on your Minecraft PE. The creator of this puzzle said that people, who like to ragequit should not try this game at all.

Now the most interesting part: the whole game was designed to make you angry. There are several ways that may seem like an options for solving this puzzle, but in fact, none of them is correct and correct one is the most unexpected. We may just wish you luck, but remember: you decided to try it on your own!

Published: Kukusya; Category: Maps for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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