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Metro 2.0 [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Metro 2.0 [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Metro 2.0 is fully automated Minecraft PE creation, where you can experience underground journey in the minecart. It is great example of using Redstone too!

Creator: ondraczsk

Metro 2.0 works smoothly. It even contains custom Minecraft PE texture packs to improve players’ experience. First, you need to go underground and get into minecart. To get this vehicle, you should press the button. After vehicle is here, you have approximately 10 seconds to get in.

Subways in real world look too boring, but in this creation the distance between stations is decorated with different textures. Enjoy the ride and share this MCPE creation with your friends!

Bugs can be reported by sending an email to the following email account: ondrakraftak@gmail.com

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