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Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod gives you an opportunity to increase the functionality of Minecraft PE in several taps! You can ensure that on your own!

Creator: Monty Wild

Bedrock Minecraft World Editor Mod has a lot of different versions and you may search the web to get some more information about them. We will focus on the latest update of this mode and give you several important warnings.

At first, this mode uses BlockLauncher script that is why you will not be able to use new features in Minecraft PE without ModPE or BlockLauncher. At second, we have mentioned that command //brush GUI will cause a crash. At third, creator of this mod instantly working on improvements, so all you need is a little patience.

Here is the list of the most noticeable command improvements, which are performed by the recent update:
  • The //[h]sphere command always requires a block (either an ID or a name, but if no radius is specified, it will use the extents of the area defined by the Pos1/Pos2 markers, otherwise it will accept either one spherical radius or three x, y & z ellipsoidal radii.
  • The //line command produced the same output of //outline command in World Edit. It now produces a line of blocks between Pos1 and Pos2.
  • Multi-level //undo and //redo have been implemented. Manual creation and destruction of blocks can now also.be undone and redone. A //Checkpoint .allows manual grouping of manually placed/removed blocks. //undo and //redo now change only those blocks changed by this mods commands.
  • //[h]sphere can be used on large volumes. It has been tested on an Ellipsoid with radii of 250 125 250.. It took over a minute to process the command script, and Minecraft took several minutes to process the addition of nearly half a million newly placed blocks on a Galaxy S8+. If script processing time or the number of blocks placed exceeds predefined limits, processing can be halted and rolled back. Processing lengthy commands can be split over multiple game ticks to reduce perceived unresponsiveness.

Note from the creator (Monty Wild):
I intend to optimize more functionality in the near future, as well as add new features; based on sk89’s java mod, my own requirements and user demand.
At present, there are frequent Minecraft/Blocklauncher crashes, but persistence will eventually result in a working Minecraft. The //brush GUI button crashes Minecraft instantly at present.

This mod requires BlockLauncher or other launcher which can load ModPE scripts.

Download World Editor v0.5.js (BlockLauncher ModPE)

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