» » Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

After installing of Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod, Minecraft PE players become able to set several locations for instant teleport, which is extremely useful feature for big servers.

Creator: AleXoTroN

Previously you may only set one single homepoint on your Minecraft PE sever, but Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod allow you to set several of them and even teleport between each other. To get the full list of possible commands, you should install this mod and type “/ah help” into gaming console.

Moreover, now server admin is able to set several different spawning points, which is great feature for cases, when you want to start PVP or role-playing games and you need to divide all the participants into several teams.

Important: Make sure you’ve got the latest update for BlockLauncher. You can get the update at Google Play!
  1. Download .ModPKG

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