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The Update Aquatic (Concepts) Addon Minecraft PE

The Update Aquatic (Concepts) Addon Minecraft PE

The Update Aquatic allows you to interact with the mobs and items, which are likely to appear in the upcoming Minecraft PE update, right now! Do not miss your chance!

Creator: StarkTMA

Note that all mobs and items from The Update Aquatic were inspired by the screenshots that you all can find on the Minecraft PE official website, so there may be several differences. Anyway, it is your only chance to try the new update right now!

Here is full list of available creatures and their abilities:
  • Kelp lives in the most of ocean biomes and spawns only on the ocean floor.
  • Dolphin is going to help you to find underwater treasures in the upcoming updates.

  • Trident could be thrown in any kind of underwater enemies. It return to the player automatically, but you should not move to ensure that this feature works properly.

  • Turtles could be tamed by feeding them with fish. They are funny and pretty useless.

  • Coral is the underwater analogue of wool, but still it can be used for the decoration of your house on land.

  • Fishes make the range of possible fishing bounties a little bit wider.

  • The Monster of the Ocean Depths will not be a part of upcoming Minecraft PE update.

  • The Great Hunger is constantly hungry and hostile. This creature did not make it to the update too.

  • The Hovering Inferno is the pretty cool creature that is provided by this add-on only.

  • The Monster of the Night Skies won the election, but creators does not tell a lot about its features.

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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