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Cheete’s Multi Construct Add-on Minecraft PE

Cheete’s Multi Construct Add-on Minecraft PE

If you are looking for new blocks to decorate your house or even your Minecraft PE server, Cheete’s Multi Construct Add-on provides you with the wide range of them.

Creator: Cheete

However, blocks from Cheete’s Multi Construct Add-on could be obtained only in one single way: by using of text commands. Fortunately, all of them are compatible with vanilla blocks and do not replace any of them, which gives you an opportunity to combine the classic with the new.
To get any of new blocks you should type the following command:

/give @a [block, e.g. stone] [amount] [data value]

Below you can find the list of blocks and related values.
  • Copper Block (Prismarine, Data Value: 8)
  • Steel Block (Prismarine, Data Value: 7)
  • Ruby Block (Prismarine, Data Value: 6)
  • Chisled Netherstone (Prismarine, Data Value: 5)
  • Netherstone (Prismarine, Data Value: 4)
  • Nether Cobblestone (Stonebrick, Data Value: 13)
  • Smooth Gabbro (Stonebrick, Data Value: 12)
  • Gabbro (Stonebrick, Data Value: 11)
  • Black + Gray Wall (Stonebrick, Data Value: 10)
  • Purple + Silver Wall (Stonebrick, Data Value: 9)
  • Orange + Pink Wall (Stonebrick, Data Value: 8)
  • Yellow + White Wall (Stonebrick, Data Value: 7)
  • Green + Magenta Wall (Stonebrick, Data Value: 6)
  • Smooth Dacite (Stone, Data Value: 14)
  • Dacite (Stone, Data Value: 13)
  • Smooth Limestone (Stone, Data Value: 12)
  • Limestone (Stone, Data Value: 11)
  • Brown Tile (Stone, Data Value: 10)
  • Cobblestone Steps (Stone, Data Value: 9)
  • Stone Pathway (Stone, Data Value: 8)
  • Stone Tiles (Stone, Data Value: 7)
  • Red Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 15)
  • Blue Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 14)
  • Purple Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 13)
  • Silver Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 12)
  • Gray Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 11)
  • Pink Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 10)
  • Green Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 9)
  • Yellow Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 8)
  • Orange Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 7)
  • White Painted Planks (Planks, Data Value: 6)

If you still do not understand how new blocks will look like in Minecraft PE, you should check out the video. According to the creator, range of available blocks should be extended soon.

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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Myneit 22 December 2018 06:34
Can you guys add a mirror download?
My laptop won't let me go to the website which the link leads me to for some reason.

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