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Blue Topia [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Blue Topia [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Blue Topia seems to be the most detailed and the biggest creation in Minecraft PE. If you have enough free time, it is definitely worth exploring!

Creator: brianching200046

Since we have posted Blue Topia on our Minecraft PE portal, it had got a lot of updates and new parts, so we will focus on them. Note that overall size of the file is bigger than 100 MB, thus, it may take a lot of time to download it.

The map that you may see on the screenshot does not cover all parts of the city, that is why you should explore it on your own. Here is the list of important updates:
  • Renovation: A lot of things have changed in Wilson City and the Legislative
  • Council Country First Street is renovated
  • Wilson City: Capital Horizons Apartments and Seedling Museum is new!
  • Hong Kong and Sen Terrace have been expanded!
  • New development of the Ice Snow and Mossy Forest

Important: This map’s file size exceeds 100 MB and will take quite a long time for most of you to download.
  1. Download Map .McWorld / .ZIP
  2. Select 0.BlueTopiaMCPEv2018.mcworld and download it
  3. Import the .McWorld file to Minecraft

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Kirsten 13 October 2018 00:34
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fasal_fox 24 February 2019 19:30
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