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WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Minecraft PE

WoodEdit (World Edit) (Android) Minecraft PE

WoodEdit (World Edit) allow the Minecraft PE players, who use Android devices, to re-design the surrounding world without any additional commands or add-ons.

Creator: Jakub

Before downloading the WoodEdit (World Edit) to your Minecraft PE, you should have BlockLauncher installed. After it, you can apply a wide list of changes to the game world. For example, players can select one single block than copy it and move on any distance. To cancel your previous action type “/undo”.

On the screenshot, you can see that we have used showel and hoe to copy the block and move it forward. In addition, you may also select the area and apply changes to it. It is very useful feature for cases, when you need to move your house to another location or to create several mob farms fast. Below you can find the list of available actions with related tools:
  • Stick – Select cuboids
  • Wooden Shovel – Copy selected cuboid to a new area
  • Wooden Hoe – Move selected cuboid to a new area
  • Wooden Axe – Rotate selected cuboid around one of three axis
  • Fishing Rod – Replace certain block to another inside selected cuboid
  • Wooden Sword – Fill selected cuboid with air
  • Wooden Pickaxe – Fill selected cuboid with certain block

Important: This is a mod only available for Android devices. It requires a third-party launcher which supports ModPE like BlockLauncher.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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James 7 March 2018 12:11
Hello. Do you know, can I install custom skin(like thet https://skins4minecraft.com/tron ) on PE edition?

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