» » Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map Minecraft PE

Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map Minecraft PE

Endless Tunnel [CTM] Map Minecraft PE

You may hear about Endless Tunnel in Minecraft PE, but we must share the truth with you. It is not endless; it is just 2 thousand blocks length! It may take a life to find the exit!

Creator: Crisjp03

Moreover, there is 10 different levels, which you need to complete, so we cannot describe the playthough as the ordinary Minecraft PE journey. Some of you may see the Endless Tunnel add-on several year ago, but this is the updated version and we think that it deserves personal page on our portal.

Now let us tell you about the rules. At first, you may choose from three different classes. At second, there should be maximum of five players and no one of them should use mods or cheats. At third, this is some kind of PvE mixed with parkour, so you should be excited with such kind of gaming experience in Minecraft PE.

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