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Floorball [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Floorball [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Many great things were invented in Sweden, but we consider the Floorball and Minecraft PE as the best. This mini-game is combination of them and it is fun!

Creators: Nogard, Lolman_CZ, Karlos Game CZ

If you would like us to explain the rules of Floorball in one single sentence then we should say you that it is the same as hockey, but we use floor instead of ice. To play this game in Minecraft PE, you need a map and several additional add-ons that make things work.

Wait until all players will enter the arena and then hit the ball. Your main objective is to score as many goals as possible. Players should choose the length of the period by themselves. We had launched a small tournament and become the champions, so what are you waiting for? Just call your friends, download the map and start the match!

Published: Kukusya; Category: Mini-Game maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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