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Egaland [Creation] Minecraft PE Map

Egaland [Creation] Minecraft PE Map

Egaland is the most exciting city in Minecraft PE, that has been developing for over 14 months, and its creator is not going to stop.

Creator: Qwertycyz123
Specials thanks goes to: nxusMCPE, AvrinMinecraft, PeacelandGov, m_styler777, mnabil0303, jovan, mi1_MCPE and carby137!

Most of creations stuck on certain level, so it is pretty hard to find the big city that would update regularly. Fortunately, Egaland is just the right one. It consists of bright high buildings, large detailed airport and museum, so there is a lot of places to see there. And we want to talk about last two sights.

The museum is replica of Louvre, that is placed in Paris, and we must consider that it looks pretty the same. But the airport is something outstanding, just because it is the largest one in whole MCPE, and it could be used not just as place to get a ticket for a plane somewhere, but also as mall or something of that kind. The creator allowed all Minecraft fans to use his creation, but he warned that you should not try to steal it.

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