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Snowsong Sound Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Snowsong Sound Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Are you sick of default music and sounds in Minecraft PE? Installation of Snowsong Sound Pack will definitely change situation for better.

Creators: Sn0wSheperd, Alecia Shepherd, AlphaA47

Since the Minecraft PE creators has been thinking that all game sounds are appropriate, they will not do anything to improve them. But a little group of enthusiasts changed situation for better and released Snowsong Sound Pack, that includes a replacement for every of game sounds. We can consider this as the new level of additional pack developing.

We would like you to check it out by your own, but before this you may want to listen to some of them, that is why this short video could be found below.

But we must warn you that in game all the music may sound a little bit different according to preferences of your device. The creator allows everybody to use Snowsong Sound Pack for free, because all rights are reserved.

  1. Download Sownload Snowsong Sound Texture Pack. McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate the pack

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shans 30 March 2017 19:09
Nice mod thanks you!

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MissingnoHunter 14 March 2018 17:54
Quote: shans
Nice mod thanks you!
It is a mcpack...

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