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Massive Kit-PvP [PvP]

Massive Kit-PvP [PvP]

Massive Kit-PvP is the paradise for every Minecraft PE players who is fond of PVP, because it consists of several battle arenas with different conditions.

Creator: Lyon
It is great, when you do not need to download several Minecraft PE maps to change the arena and Massive Kit-PvP proves it completely. At first, there are different terrains with differing combat conditions. At second, you can pick armor kit, which suits the way you play Minecraft PE the most.

Moreover, every of four kits was balanced, so all of them has advantages and weak sides. However, admin kits, which are available only for server admins, may be called overpowered, so if you installed the Massive Kit-PvP on your server, you should not kill your guests too often, because nobody likes to die time by time. Call your friends and have fun!

Published: shans; Category: PVP maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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