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Alchemical Eggs Minecraft PE Addon

Alchemical Eggs Minecraft PE Addon

Feel the real power of being an alchemist in the world of Minecraft PE! By the way, it is the one of the most advanced add-on we have ever seen.

Creator: Falkenvergh

The life of alchemist is tough, but it gives you a lot of new prospects. As you might know, almost nothing in the world is free, so you have to pass through the strange ritual. Find and equip enchanted apple and chest made of gold, then attack the silverfish or endermite. In this way you will achieve increased damage (3 instead of 1), the full golden set (except for helmet) and the ability to absorb mobs into eggs.

The kind of spawned mob depends on the object in the skies, so there are two types of monsters: daymobs and nightmobs. You can spawn every of them in every place you have liked, but first you need to be confident that golden set is equipped and you are holding an egg with absorbed creature in your hand. We consider that Alchemical Eggs Add-on is a great example of next-level modes for MCPE.

  1. Download Alchemical Eggs Minecraft PE Addon .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

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