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Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon Minecraft PE

Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon Minecraft PE

If you are true Minecraft PE fan, you should play Story Mode too, so you can name all the characters, which were provided by Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon!

Creator: StarkTMA

As you might guess, Minecraft Story Mode S2 Addon brings some of characters from second season of Story Mode to Minecraft PE, and you can interact with most of them.

Here is the full list of new mobs and description of their in-game abilities:
  • Creeders replace spiders, they can jump on players’ heads and explode.

  • Large Henry and Big Hank look pretty similar and differ only by textures. Their ability is nausea effect.

  • Ice Iron Golem is the same as vanilla MCPE Iron Golem, but it can also throw snowballs and it is immune to snow damage.

  • Romeo is the boss, it flies around, summons minions and shoots fireballs. You are not able to defeat it without wearing diamond armor.

  • Snow Admin is almost harmless hostile mob.

  • Prismarine Colussus is giant version of Romeo with additional damage and abilities.

  • Prismarine Foes are hostile, but they drop Structure Blocks.

  • Anthony, The Warden, is the only friendly creature. It even drops cookies after death.

  • OxBlood is safe, but we do not recommend you to test your luck and turn him angry.

  • Lluna looks like vanilla MCPE llama, but it has nice outfit, so everybody likes it the most.

  • Nurm is villager that looks a little bit different.

  • 3 Headed Ghast seems to be the most dangerous mob.

  • Ghast (replacex Vex): Similar behaviors to a normal ghast.

  • RedSlime is a little bit faster and stronger that the vanilla version of it.

  • Zombie Miner is the same as default zombie with new appearance.

  • Ice Ender Creeper: just imagine the teleporting immortal creeper and you will understand how this mob behave.

  1. Download Resource .McPack or Mirror
  2. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  3. Activate the packs for the world in-game

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