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Lightsabers Addon Minecraft PE

Lightsabers Addon Minecraft PE

Every Star Wars fan should be satisfied with Lightsabers Addon for Minecraft PE, because it provides nine brand new weapons and two more interesting items!

Creator: solvedDev

All the swords from Lightsabers Addon have different characteristics in Minecraft PE. Nevertheless, the only way to get one for yourself is killing zombies, which now drop zombie eyes or lightsabers.

There are four types of these items, but each one provides Minecraft PE players with additional amount of hearts, movement speed and attack damage. The creator also had found several skins (e.g. Luke and Yoda) and downloaded them for free, so you may search for more and start the real Star Wars roleplaying scenario right in MCPE. Have fun!

There are 4 tiers of lightsabers:
  • Standard: +7 hearts, +0.03 speed, 15 damage
  • Common: +8 hearts, +0.04 speed, 17 damage
  • Rare: +9 hearts, +0.05 speed, 18 damage
  • Epic: +10 hearts, +0.06 speed, 20 damage
  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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