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Blue Topia [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Blue Topia [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Finally, we found the most detailed creation that was made for Minecraft PE. Its name is Blue Topia and you may experience it right now, so do not waste your time!

Creator: brianching200046

One more significant feature of Blue Topia is regular updates. The creator adds new details or even parts of the city every several weeks, so you should check for updates pretty often. Moreover, we consider this map as the best Minecraft PE creation we have ever come across.

Now let us tell you a little bit more about the districts of this amazing city:
  • Lapis and Ocean Cities are just greatly detailed and extremely beautiful compositions of buildings.
  • Funland and Nether Plaza are for entertainment.
  • Buyan forest was designed for Minecraft PE players, who would like to relax and spend some time on their own.
  • A lot of other great districts that we would like you to discover on your own.

Important: This map’s file size exceeds 100MB and will take quite a long time for most of you to download.
  1. Download Map .McWorld / .ZIP
  2. Click on the download button/arrow in the top right of the page (choose the 2nd file to download a .zip)
  3. Next it will say that the file size is too large to be scanned (don’t worry about this, I’ve already downloaded it and tested it)
  4. Click the download button
  5. The file size is quite big and will take a long time for most people to download. Be patient and wait.
  6. Then click “Open in Minecraft PE”

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