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The Towers [PvP] Map MCPE

The Towers [PvP] Map MCPE

The Towers is unique Minecraft PE PVP-map. It combines the building actions with need to kill the member of another team. Everyone must play it at least once!

Creator: Heer

Every Minecraft PE player is divided in one of the two teams, which are situated on different platforms. There are few towers and air between the enemies, but you do not have ranged weapons. The main goal of The Towers is invading the enemy base, but there is only one way to complete it.

You can get the resources on your base and use them to build the bridge to the enemies’ platform. Team that destroys all three glass blocks will be the winner. Sound quite easy, but it is much harder than you could imagine. Just pick the team and switch the lever when everyone is ready.

Published: shans; Category: PVP maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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