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SG Spleef [Minigame] Map MCPE

SG Spleef [Minigame] Map MCPE

SG Spleef is the cruelest Minecraft PE mini-game we have ever come across. You main goal is destroying the blocks right under other participants.

Creator: SkyGames

SG Spleef is strange expirience. You and other players cannot hit each other so your only way to eliminate the opponent is to destroy Minecraft PE block right under his legs. The task is challenging, because everybody can just step back and you need to start over again.

However, it is pure fun, but you should not invite more than four players, because arena is pretty small. The only difference between four available battlegrounds is appearance, so the difficulty remains the same. You can choose any of them right before the battle starts. Remember that you need at least two players for SG Spleef. Otherwise, the game will have no sense at all.

Published: shans; Category: Mini-Game maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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