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Vanilla Deluxe: Mixed UI Pack Minecraft PE

Vanilla Deluxe: Mixed UI Pack Minecraft PE

You do not have to change the UI slightly to make it more comfortable and Vanilla Deluxe Mixed UI Pack for Minecraft PE is the living proof for this statement.

Creator: CrizArt EX

Every modder tries to add something cosmetic to his project, while creator of Vanilla Deluxe Mixed UI Pack cares about usability only. Therefore, he decided to combine the best features from Java version of Minecraft PE and Bedrock version in one single add-on.

Unfortunately, the pack have not been finished yet and there are some issues, but creator knows about them, so he is going to fix everything in the future updates. By the way, for proper functionality of this add-on, you need to active the Classic UI in the settings section. We hope that Minecraft PE players would find this pack useful, because we definitely did.

Note from the creator:
The only advantage that you can take is about to use some Java container textures for Bedrock!
But some GUI has different adjustments of gui pieces like flame, arrow, or extra grids for custom recipe book.
Everyone can use it to port Java GUI textures to Bedrock as long as they ask me
first and authorize it and ensure that it must credit me by the contribution of the modified UI
that I did for that possibility.

But there is an exception, you can’t strictly port the PureBDcraft java container GUI to bedrock, since the same creator (Sphax84)
is doing the classic HD GUI for bedrock 1.2 better together update in marketplace ;D
More information in the file “Terms of use!.txt”

And before downloading this feature pack, first make sure you have the display device
with medium or high resolution as a requirement.

Some textures were originally based by 4Jstudio and Microsoft, but still not exact dimensions or texture design as confirmed.

Important: Set the user interface (UI) to Classic in order to see the modified user interface.
  1. Download Resource .McPack or Mirror (Click here to download from Google Drive instead. or Mirror )
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

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