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A Proper Apocalypse Addon Minecraft PE

A Proper Apocalypse Addon Minecraft PE

A Proper Apocalypse Addon is much more complicated than any other Minecraft PE add-on that providing zombies. However, newbies should ignore it as long as possible.

Creator: Sirconol

Experiencing A Proper Apocalypse Addon is like surviving in hardcore version of Overworld during the war with zombies. All vanilla Minecraft PE mobs are much stronger now. For example, all the undying are not burnt by the sun any more.

Moreover, witches summon minions and provide other mobs with potions. If you are tired of instant fighting the zombies, you should visit desert, which could be considered as “demilitarized zone”. This mod does not have known bugs, however, it can cause lags in Minecraft PE on low-end devices. The creator is going to fix this issue, but now he need to go to school, so the project will not be developing for some time.

  • Lots of zombies spawn during the day, and occasionally zombie pigmen spawn as well. It’s extremely challenging according to Sirconol.
  • Zombies do not burn during the day. However, they do have both less health and attack damage.
    - Health: 12 (6 hearts) (vanilla: 10 hearts)
    - Attack damage: 2 (vanilla: 3)
    - (The nerf only applies to zombies and not zombie pigmen. This had to be implemented because it was too difficult to survive otherwise.)
  • Witches will now throw potions and summon skeletons. Skeletons do not burn in the day and use their former comrades as weapons. These witches played with magic they do not understand and are suffering the consequences. Their necromancy experiments started the apocalypse, yet they still do necromancy.
  • Deserts are almost entirely zombie free. And different biomes have different amounts of zombies spawning.
  • The night is more safe than during the day. Much less zombies spawn during the night. So sleeping is a catch 22. Do you want the grace period or do you want to set your spawn?
  • Known Issue: Lag. After doing /kill @e a few times the amount of drops would lag their device. The device was of a low end model so if you have a low end device keep this in mind (iPad mini 2).

  1. Download Behavior .McPack or Mirror
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

Published: Kukusya; Category: Addons for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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