» » » Jigsaw (Horror) [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

Jigsaw (Horror) [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

Jigsaw (Horror) [Adventure] Map Minecraft PE

Are your ready to escape from the bloody maniac? Minecraft PE adventure named Jigsaw gives you such an opportunity. It can scare even experienced horror fans!

Creator: ZeReaper

The setting is pretty simple: you are prisoner of insane murderer and you only option to survive is escape his place. Jigsaw is not recommended for impressionable people, because there is a lot of blood and other creepy stuff.

The creator of this Minecraft PE adventure describes it as “terrible experience and the most scaring journey, you may ever come across”. By the way, people who afraid of wasting mobile traffic should not even try to download it, because the size of adventure is 130 MB!

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Feather Edition (Low End Devices):

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burhan 11 July 2018 20:12
is it multiplayer?

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