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Basketball (SkyGames) [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Basketball (SkyGames) [Minigame] Map Minecraft PE

Basketball by SkyGames is the best sport mini-game for Minecraft PE. It is must-play for every basketball fan, so do not waste your time – download it right now!

Creator: SkyGames

Basketball by SkyGames is pretty realistic. It means that you can perform dunk or block right in Minecraft PE. Scoreboard is controlled with command blocks, so the score is always accurate. We highly recommend you to try it out with your friend (you need at least two players to start, and the maximum amount is six), because you should get used to the controls.

The hugest warning – the ball does not bounce, so it can be thrown just as the snowball. The creators underlined, that they can create a bigger map, if it is needed to, so try the 3x3 version and then share your thoughts via twitter.

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