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Skyfall [PvP] Minecraft PE Map

Skyfall [PvP] Minecraft PE Map

Did you miss the good old slaughter? Of course, you did. So what about taking part in the major battle in the skies? Skyfall for Minecraft PE is out now!

Creator: Alberto57451238

Prepare for battle! Skyfall map is one of the best PVP creations in Minecraft PE, but, unfortunately, it is now available only for version 1.0.5, so you have to sign up for beta-testing. You will spawn in the sky, so first task is to equip elytra wings that would keep you up in the air.

Fight others players, find useful items and upgrades on the cloud islands. On one of them you will find some kind of gate that will teleport you to the highest arena. The goal is to be the last player standing, so you should be ready to fight or to hide, depending on type of your strategy.

Important: This map requires the 1.0.5 beta (Android users sign up here)!

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