» » » The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map Minecraft PE

The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map Minecraft PE

The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only) Map Minecraft PE

The Illusion of Terror will remind every Minecraft PE player about the horror rooms in amusement park. Yeah, it is short, but terrific gaming experience.

Creator: Vladu11

First thing, you need to do after the installing of The Illusion of Terror is to change sound and graphics settings in Minecraft PE. Brightness might be set at 70, field of view at 100 and the sound should be turned on. All this need to be done for full immersion into the game. Oh, we have almost forget, you have to be 1.2 version beta-testing participant to launch this adventure.

The storyline is short and straightforward. You have decided to visit your old friend, because he does not answer the mail and he does not pick up the phone. When you had reached his apartment, you have noticed the blood is everywhere. Your main task is to get to the bathroom, but you should be ready for unexpected circumstances.

Info & Recommended Settings:
  • Brightness: 70
  • Field of View: 90-100
  • Beautiful skies: Off (Required)
  • Requires enabled resource and behavior pack (Required)
  • The map is compatible for multiplayer but it’s recommended for 1 player alone
  • If the map fails to import you might need to extract it manually
  • Requires version 1.2 or higher

Important: The file size exceeds 150 MB!

Published: Kukusya; Category: Adventure maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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Ava 12 September 2017 19:32
Soooo Creeeeeeeeepy

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Papapalalal 25 September 2017 00:13
Dude how do you get the bathroom key?

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