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Tank (Tiger I) Addon Minecraft PE

Tank (Tiger I) Addon Minecraft PE

The most powerful WWII Tank is now on the fields of Minecraft PE. Tank (Tiger I) Addon provides the best German Tank, which shoots explosive projectiles!

Creator: Steve_And_Jobs

Witches are pretty powerful here, in Minecraft PE, but war machine is much better. That is the reason why Tank (Tiger I) Addon will be so popular. At first, this kind of mount is not so fast, but its projectiles can kill any of existing mobs. At second, the models is great – it is detailed replica of Tiger I, you can browse wiki to learn more about this tank.

Tank shoots explosive projectiles, so they will make so-called “contact damage” and have 50% chance of setting your opponent on fire. We had not tested the tank battle yet, so if you had, please, share your experience in comments.

  1. Download Resource & Behaviors .McAddon or Mirror , (Doesn’t work? Click here.) or Mirror
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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