» » » Astronomic Expansion Addon (1.2 Beta Only) Minecraft PE

Astronomic Expansion Addon (1.2 Beta Only) Minecraft PE

Astronomic Expansion Addon (1.2 Beta Only) Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE 1.2 will change a lot of things. If you would like to get used to new types of villagers and other features, you can try Astronomic Expansion Addon out.

Creator: solvedDev

Are you looking for the mod that could change behavior of several items in Minecraft PE? Astronomic Expansion Addon will not replace a thing, so you can enjoy good old item with new features! By the way, there is new kind of villager, called “Astronomer”, who dresses up just like Cleric for some reasons. Unfortunately, this mod works only with Minecraft PE 1.2 beta, so hurry up to sing for it!

Here is short list of Minecraft PE items, which obtained new features:
  • Fallen star can turn regular zombies into random bosses.
  • Star sword give its owned additional speed and hearts. Deals 10 damage per attack.
  • Shield is a stone of immortality. You are not able to die while holding it.
  • Umbrella reduces fall damage and player’s gravity.
  • Fire amulet makes the player immune to any kind of fire damage.
  • Elytra Starter turns your ordinary jumping into flying on low height.
  • Panic Necklace will slightly increase your movement speed.

Recommendation: Install the resource pack as a Global Resource Pack in your game settings. This will enable the possibility for custom loading messages and splashes.
  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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