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Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon Minecraft PE

Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon Minecraft PE

Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon turns regular Minecraft PE mobs into creations that you may recognize from TV-series. Their behavior was changed slightly too!

Creator: DingDong61

Therefore, there were a lot of Doctor Who skins for Minecraft PE, but Doctor Who Mobs Pack Addon has different purpose. For example, creepers was replaced by Daleks, which are Doctor’s worst enemies. They are hostile among Cybermen, so get ready to become a witness of real robotic struggle.

In addition, if you want to get an example of item replacement: your vanilla bow was turned into Sontaran laser riffle. Full list of changes is too long for single article, so we highly recommend every Minecraft PE player to download this map and try it out. Of course, it is must-play add-on for every true Doctor Who fan.

Items & Mobs
Here is a full list of changes for the items and mobs in-game.
  • Sontaran Rifle (Bow)
    - Custom sounds (doesn’t always play for some reason)
  • Laser Bolt (Arrow)
    - Gravity set to zero.
  • Dalek (Creeper)
    - Fires lasers
    - 2.5% chance drop rate for Dalek Head (Creeper Head)
    - Attacks cybermen
    - Custom sounds
  • Silence (Enderman)
    - Resized to match player size
    - Long strides from legs unavoidable due to DingDon’s lack of success with pivot values
    - Custom sounds
  • Sontaran (Skeleton)
    - 2.5% chance to drop a Sontaran Helmet (Skeleton Skull)
    - Custom sounds
  • Ice Warrior (Stray)
    - Fires lasers without a rifle
    - 2.5% chance to drop and Ice Warior’s Helmet (Steve Skull)
    - Custom sounds
  • Vashta Nerada (Wither Skeleton)
    - Custom sounds
  • K-9 (Wolf)
    - Tamed with iron ingots
    - Healed with iron ingot (5 health) or gold ingot (10 health)
    - Pups can be fed with gold ingots, iron ingots, gold nuggets and iron nuggets
    - Breedable with gold ingots, iron ingots, gold nuggets or iron nuggets
    - The eye and box on the side change color depending on tamed (red), wild (green) or angry (purple)
    - Removed the collar option was it was on the nose and looked bad
    - Custom sounds
  • Cybus Cyberman (Zombie)
    - 2.5% chance to drop a Cyberman Head (no handles)
    - Custom sounds
  • Mondasian Cyberman (Husk)
    - Custom sounds
  • Cyber Villagers
    - Custom sounds
  • Ood (Zombie Pigman)
    - Custom sounds
  • Time Lords (Evoker and Vindicator)
    - Skins changed
  • Priestess from the Sisterhood of Karn (Witch)
    - Skin changed
  • Chronovore (Vex)
    - Skin changed
  • Germ Spider (Cave Spider and Spider)
    - Skins changed

Doctor who mod for minecraft pe download free:
  1. Download Behavior & Resource .McAddon or Mirror
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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