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Modern Decorations Addon Minecraft PE

Modern Decorations Addon Minecraft PE

It was easy to build and ancient castle in Minecraft PE, but creating of modern house was much harder. Modern Decorations Addon is some kind of balancer.

Creator: solvedDev

Modern Decorations Addon provides 42 standalone blocks for Minecraft PE. It means that this mod is compatible with other texture packs and there will be no lags or bugs. Wool lovers may be happy, because now they can choose from 16 types of wool blocks.

To obtain new blocks, you should trade with the Builder, who is evolved version of villager. By the way, you can find even TV-set block, but remember that all of them has a single purpose – decoration. Everyone one who has modern design ideas for Minecraft PE houses will find this add-on extremely useful, others may just take an oven block and put it in kitchen.

It’s also possible to obtain the blocks by using the following text commands:
  • /give @p sandstone 1 3+ (don’t include the ‘+’ symbol in the command)
  • /give @p stone 1 7+
  • /give @p fence 1 6-15

  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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