» » Vertex Client Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Vertex Client Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

Vertex Client Mod (Android) Minecraft PE

There are Minecraft PE players, who prefer single and local multiplayer gaming experience. Vertex Client Mod provides a great list of tools, most of which could be treated as cheat.

Creator: VertexHX

If you are looking for add-on that is able to change amount of players’ abilities in Minecraft PE slightly, Vertex Client Mod is the one. After the installation of you will notice several new buttons on the left side of the screen. Here you can access new features or bind hotkeys for them.

The list of new tools is extremely long, so it is hard to describe them all in one single article. Nevertheless, we can distinguish several for our readers. For example, you can walk through walls and gates or create a nuke anywhere you tap. Vertex Client Mod works with local PVP maps, but we do not want you to use it on multiplayer servers.

  1. Download .modpkg (Downloads page)

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