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Solid Entities Addon Minecraft PE

Solid Entities Addon Minecraft PE

Solid Entities Addon for Minecraft PE is a great start for career in circus. Just imagine the show: the creeper rides a cow, which rides a pig. The easiest way to become rich.

Creator: Xu Jiaxin

Have you ever wondered why there is so few acrobatics in the Minecraft PE? Fortunately, Solid Entities Addon changes the situation slightly. It means that now you can put every mob on the top of another. By the way, players are also able to join these living towers.

Let us share funny thought with you: as far as you may know, there were a lot of fights between knights in Medieval ages. Thus, we want you to repeat it, but in a strange way. For example, contestants might ride a tower, which is made of three mobs, so it will be hard even to hit each other. The last person riding this combination of mobs will be the winner. We have tried 1v1 battle several minutes ago and it was great!

  1. Download one of the following behavior packs
    - Download Behavior .McPack 1.1 or Mirror
    - Download Behavior .McPack 1.2 or Mirror
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the resource pack

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