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Breaking Shards Skyblock [Survival]

Breaking Shards Skyblock [Survival]

Are you ready to survive in the sky? Breaking Shards Skyblock give you a chance to prove it. Technically, eleven chances, because there are 11 Minecraft PE islands!

Breaking Shards Skyblock is something between the survival map and PVE-game. There are eleven islands, all of them are connected with bridges (voids of air), and so you can save your items to build something else.

Creator: Zad103

Your main task is survive. It may seem easy to the most of Minecraft PE players, but we are going to disappoint you. For example, there is an island that looks just like the pirate ship with pirates onboard, so you have to kill them before you will be able to get their treasures. You can build a small house, a city or even empire in the sky – it depends on your time and motivation. We can guarantee that you will like this creation. Have fun!

Published: shans; Category: Survival Maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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