» » » PRISON 3.0 [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

PRISON 3.0 [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

PRISON 3.0 [Creation] Map Minecraft PE

Even time spent in custody could be funny, but only in Minecraft PE. PRISON 3.0 is an ultimate creation, which seems to be detailed and almost universal. Try it out now!

Creator: Enderbrine01

Take your friend and try to escape the chains. Create your own gang ant take control over the prison. Role-play your favorite movie. We consider that PRISON 3.0 could be useful every time when you need it in Minecraft PE.

Now let us tell you something about the advantages of this Minecraft PE creation. At first, you got several new villager skins, so you should not be surprised. At second, you may choose who do you want to be: a criminal or a policeman. By the way, every role has its own trading system, which differs from the vanilla Minecraft PE system so bad. In addition, there are three locations: the yard, the café and the prison cells, where criminals spend most of their time

  1. Download .McWorld
  2. Download .ZIP
  3. Download Behavior .McPack
  4. Download Resource .McPack
  5. Convict/Prisoner Skin .PNG
  6. Prison Guard Skin .PNG

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