» » Source Reload Shader (Windows 10) Minecraft PE

Source Reload Shader (Windows 10) Minecraft PE

Source Reload Shader (Windows 10) Minecraft PE

Source Reload Shader is some kind of texture pack, which works only with Windows 10 version, so all Minecraft PE players with Android devices might be jealous.

Creator: Mono sour

We do our best to post as many mods as possible for Minecraft PE for Android, but unfortunately, Source Reload Shader is available only for Windows 10 users. We hope that it will be ported to the Android version of MCPE very soon.

All you need is take a look at the screenshots. We have launched it on tablet and it looks astonishing. No matter what time of day it is – sun, shadows, beams: all them just fantastic. By the way, we watched through some code and figured out that it may lag on the most of Android devices due to its system requirements, so not all of us may experience this level of graphics even after possible port.

  1. Download one of the following resource packs:
    - High .McPack or Mirror
    - Lite .McPack or Mirror
    -PvP .McPack or Mirror
    - Ultra .McPack or Mirror
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

Published: Kukusya; Category: Texture for Minecraft PE; OS: Android | iOS

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Raymond 17 February 2019 23:52
does not work in latest update 1.9.0 for windows 10

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petrasapkevicius 5 June 2021 15:19

dont working


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