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Evasion [Adventure] [Puzzle] Map Minecraft PE

Evasion [Adventure] [Puzzle] Map Minecraft PE

Evasion is a combination of Minecraft PE adventure map and puzzle map. You will spawn in highly secured prison and you may objective is to hack local security system. Are you ready?

Creators: GameFreak101YT, De Coolerd, captainfour4

The plot is pretty straightforward. You were the leader of the powerful gang. Even cops did not wanted to mess with you. However, once, during the regular robbery of the national bank, you were surrounded and taken in custody. The high security level prison was your only option to stay alive.

However, such a great gangster cannot just stay in prison waiting for his life to end. Thus, you should talk to other prisoners and solve puzzles. Some of them will give you tips, and some of them will share the items you need. The creator told us that he was inspired by the game called The Escapist, so Evasion seems to be just the Minecraft PE version of it.

Published: Kukusya; Category: Adventure maps for MCPE; OS: Android | iOS

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